What is a Tomos*?

A Tomos* is the content unit that defines our web technology.
A Tomos can have different functions, therefore different natures.
In Pictomos, it is an element of your site that interacts with other elements.
Tomos are customisable in you admin space, thanks to an easy to use toolbar.
*From the greek : TOMO- / (-)TOME / -TOMIE  τόμος, meaning : piece, part, portion. ex : tomography ; atom ; anatomy ; dichotomy ; ectomy


The Tomos of Pictomos 1.5

examples taken from my.pictomos.com/demo
Pictomos dispose de 7 tomos aujourd'hui
1- PLAYER Tomos : Displays the selected image in big format.

2- TEXT Tomos : Tomos with text properties only.

3- MENU Tomos : Tomos that contains the main menu of your site.

4- SUB-MENU Tomos : Tomos that contains the submenus of a menu element, 
only if there is one.

5- THUMBS Tomos :  Contains thumbnails of the chosen gallery, in the form of miniatures of your images. 

6- LOGO Tomos :  It is the core of Tomos, it stays visible at all times and is the element that defines your site. That is where you can place your logo. Clicking on the logo brings you back to the front page.

7- SHOWCASE Tomos :  This tomos is only visible at the front page, it shows a random image from your image library.
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