Creating a Gallery Menu

In order to create a gallery menu, you must first create a Menu, then the corresponding submenus, and finaly add the images to each galery.

a) Determining the Menu type :

  1. Go to the "Menu" tab.
  2. Click on : 
  3. choose a title (example: "Insectes") and give it a short description.
  4. Choose the menu type :  A Submenu
  5. Click -OK-.

b) Adding Sub-menus :

  1. Git to the "Sub-menus" tab.
  2. Click on :
  3. Choose which menu it corresponds to : 
  4. Give a Title to your submenu (example "Bees") and give it a short description.
  5. Choose the submenu type :  An image gallery
  6. Click -OK
  7. Repeat the procces for all submenus to " Insects ". (example "Ants", etc...)

c) Adding Images :

  1. Got to the "My Images" tab
  2. Click on :

    A form appears.            
  3.  Choose your images (see size) from your computer :
  4. < Several at once (needs Flash) [doesn't work?]

    < or one at a time
  5. You can fill in the title - year - description - and key-words if you like.
  6. On the lower right of the form , click on the DESTINATION >>the submenu "Les Abeilles" (previously created) and click -OK-.
  7. Repeat the procces for all the images in this submenu. 
NOTE: The "key-word" part of the form is there to help with the search engines and the referencement of your site.

d) Verify :

  1. Go to the "My Tomic Space
  2. Verify all the submenus created for "Insects". 
NOTE : when choosing the submenu, you can also click on the name of the Tomos so it can be part of the images that randomly appear on the submenu Tomos.
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