Changing your Texts

To change the color and size of your texts :

a) Choosing the Text tool :

  1. Go to the "My Tomic Space" tab
  2. Click on : 
  3. in the toolbar on the left
  4. A window opens with the text options (size and color)
  5. Click on the Size option to change the text size of the Tomos, Click on the color box to change the color of the Tomos (a window with the colors appears)
  6. Changes happen imediately, once finished change the tool.

b) Verify :

  1. Click on : 
  2. in the toolbar on the left
  3. Test the links of your site to verify the changes.
NOTE: When you modify a text in the menu or submenu tabs, the changes you make have the priority over the Text tool.
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